Loft Conversion Ideas

Here at Revamp we have helped lots of homeowners with their dream loft conversions. However, we still speak to homeowners that don’t like the small living space in their home. We also speak to homeowners that like the idea of a loft conversion in Peterborough, but they’re not sure what to do with the extra space.

This is why we have put together some loft conversion ideas in this blog post for you. We share lots of different ideas and ways that you could use your loft conversion. Have a look at the loft conversion ideas below and see what you think.

A Peaceful Living Space

Having the perfect retreat space in your loft is a great idea. If you’re a busy parent, it gives you the space to take sometime out while your children are busy playing or being looked after by your partner. This peaceful living space in your loft gives you a quiet space to relax, rewind and recharge.

A Childs Bedroom

If you have a narrow loft the perfect loft conversion could be a child’s bedroom. It’s the ideal room for a younger child that struggles sleeping at night too. The room is far away from you watching TV without disturbing them, but you’ll know they are safe and sleeping soundly in a fabulous room in your home.

A Dream Bathroom

Many modern homes aren’t built with large spacious bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. Converting your loft into a dream bathroom is a great idea if you’ve always dreamed of a spa-like retreat in your home. You can have a freestanding bathtub or a corner bath with jacuzzi pumps. You could have a large walk-in shower and even his and her sinks too.

A Teenager Den

Teenagers like their own space. This could be a space for them to do their homework or just chat with friends out of earshot of parents. The loft is a perfect place for a teenager den. It gives you and your teenage children space away from each other. We all need our own space as children goes through those teenage years. A loft conversion into a teenage den could be the perfect solution.

A Guest Room

Do you have family that live far away and often like to stay over? Then why not create a guest room from your loft conversion? Instead of the whole family moving around, sharing rooms and sleeping on the sofa so guests can stay, you can create the ideal guest room in your loft. You may want to consider an en-suite too, so your guests have everything they need during their stay.

A Home Office

Especially during lockdown, a home office has become more popular for homeowners and those looking to buy a new home. The hardest part of working from home is separating your home and work life. By having a home office in your loft, it can separate the home and work life for you. This space will take you away from home life distractions, but you’ll also have a room to leave at the end of the working day.

Like the sound of these loft conversion ideas? Why not give us a call so we can help you plan yours? We can talk private entrances, installing stairways, additional bathrooms and more. Whatever you need to create the perfect loft conversion for your home.

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