Do I Need Planning Permission For A Loft Conversion?

Many people worry that a loft conversion may need planning permission and therefore they are
scared to make the most of this wasted space. However in most cases, planning permission isn’t
actually needed for a loft conversion.
In this blog post we look at when planning permission is required for a loft conversion and why. We
also share the restrictions and planning rules with you so you can start thinking about converting
your loft.
As of October 2008 the planning laws for loft conversions in England changed quite significantly.
Before this date the Total Permitted Development (also known as PD) allowance was granted on a
property to allow it to be extended before it would require planning permission. This allowance was
40 cubic metres for a terraced home, or 50 cubic metres for a semi-detached property. Anything
over this would require planning permission.
While these maximum figures still apply to loft conversions, there is some wriggle room. Before the
law changed in October 2008, if you already had an extension on your ground floor then the volume
of the extension would be subtracted from the loft conversion allowance. In many cases that meant
that seeking planning permission for a loft or attic conversion was inevitable.
Previously, without the help of experienced and professional builders, like the team at Revamp
, obtaining planning permission can be a minefield. Planning permission was decided by local
authorities and each local authority has different criteria for their planning permission.
However, under the new simplified planning rules, very few loft conversions will require planning
permission. If you’re not sure if you’ll need planning permission for your loft conversion, call us. We
can help you understand if you need planning permission and how we can help get it for you.
There are some restrictions with the new planning rules for loft conversions that you need to be
aware of. For example, the loft conversion cannot exceed the highest part of the existing roof. You
cannot have dormer windows front-facing to the highway either. If your home is in conservation
area you will have to get planning permission also.
Have you been thinking about making the most of the wasted space in your loft? Call us now and we
can discuss a loft conversion with you and help you get the planning permission if you need it.

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