DIYers Are Burdening The NHS

Homeowners and DIY fanatics are being urged to avoid putting additional pressure on the NHS during the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lock down. Dangerous DIY accidents are often seen more at hospitals during sunny weekends and when people have time off. Lots of people are enjoying the sunny weather and making the most of the lock down to improve their homes. However, this is putting additional stress on the NHS.

At a time when the UK is dealing with a national crisis, additional accidents through DIY fans are causing extra stress and strain on healthcare workers, the NHS and the emergency services. The NHS recommends that extra care is taken while completely DIY around the house or the garden. 

Instead of tackling those large jobs, leave it to the experts. If it’s outside or in an empty property then you can call in the experts now. However, if it’s a job that needs doing inside your home, then please wait until lock down is over. 

Simple tasks such as mowing the lawn or cutting the hedge can lead to accidents. If you are completing these tasks at home, please do so with extra care and attention. If you are unable to give the task your full attention, due to pets or children playing in the garden, then please wait until you can.

However, when it comes to larger projects like knocking down walls, creating an outdoor bar or converting a garage to a home office – leave it. While it may look like a simple project, there is a lot more to the work than you might think. 

We know that completing simple tasks around the house or garden can really help with mindfulness. However, keep the tasks simple. Stick to putting up shelves, painting the bedroom or a spot of weeding, for example. 

We are already seeing that the NHS is stretched and resources are limited. Everyone needs to play their part in ensuring our front-line health professionals can focus on giving urgent care to the people that need it most.

If you’re considering completing home improvements during lock down, give us a call. We can run through your project with you and give you some top tip to ensure you stay safe. If you want to call in the experts contact us now to book your project in. 

In the meantime, if you have kids at home and are looking at some fun ways to entertain them; check out our free downloads! If you like your child’s dream home design; call us after lock down and we can build it for you!


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