Top Ways Of Adding Space To Your Home

When it comes to adding space to your home, it is likely that you already have the space in or
around your home somewhere. It’s just a matter of turning that disused space into perfect living
areas that you and your family need.
More space in your home means a happier family. However it also means your home is worth more
to potential buyers. So, let’s see how you can add more living space to your home;

Build Out
Building an extension onto your home is a great way of adding living space to your home. It gives you
the opportunity to create an entirely new space that can be built to your dream size and
specifications. The downsize is that you will lose space from your garden or outdoor area, so think
about how big you need your garden to be.

Build Up
Another option is to add another storey to your home. However it is not just as easy as building
another storey on top, you need additional shoring and permission from the council too. In theory,
the sky is the limit and the extra floor on your home will add huge amounts of value to your home –
but, really the council and building regulations are the limit.

Loft Conversion
A loft conversion is the obvious choice when looking at ways of adding living space to your home.
Think about what you want from your loft conversion too as the options are almost endless. You
could have a home office or play room for the children. Alternatively your loft conversion could
become your room or guest accommodation with a built in en-suite.

Spread Out
Why not consider turning two rooms into one? Why this doesn’t give you more space, it will look
and feel like a more spacious room. If you have a small kitchen and dining room, for example, this
could be turned into a large kitchen / diner which are really popular among home buyers. Make sure
you get an expert builder round though as some interior walls can be load bearing walls and you do
not want to remove those.

Garage Conversion
Just as common as the loft conversion, this is a room that is already part of your home but could be
wasted space. Using the garage as an extra bedroom on your home or a granny annexe for example
can be a really good use of space. Please note though, a garage conversion might not be what every
home buyer is looking for, they may prefer to have a garage for their car or for storage.

A New Building
Similar to a home extension, have a separate building in your garden. Many people have additional
buildings around their home. This could be a hang out area for teenage children, a home gym or home office for example. The biggest benefit of this way to give you extra space is that you will
barely be disrupted in the house by the building works as these are happening elsewhere.

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