Increase Your Property Value In 2020

Investing in house renovations is a great way to increase the value of your home. However, choosing
the right house renovations is a smart way of really increasing your house value. In this blog post we
look at the best house renovations to increase your property value in 2020.

Not all house renovations are created equally and some will increase your house value much more
drastically that other house renovations. You also need to ensure you choose the right home
renovations specialists for the job – but as you are reading this blog post, it seems you have already
done that!

Home buyers are looking for space. If another home on your street is for sale and it has the same
layout, how can you offer more space? Many homes have a dry wall separating the hallway from a
room. Why not look at removing this wall? This will create a more spacious and airy looking room,
even though it offers the same square footage as your neighbour with the same size house.

Touching on the last point about space, have a think about the space available in your kitchen. There
are so many space saving solutions for kitchens that can offer more space and storage at the same
time. If you feel you are cramped when cooking or can’t cook while keeping an eye on the children,
why not call our team? We can create the perfect spacious kitchen that will be great for you and
your family, while increasing the value of your home.

Space to Rent
With the growth in popularity of businesses like AirBnB; a space to rent is an increasingly popular
request from home buyers. Whether you can convert your garage into an apartment, a loft
conversion with bathroom and kitchen or space at the end of your garden for the perfect getaway
for guests – a space to rent in addition to your home will really add value to your property.

Outdoor Living
Adding a conservatory, an extension or having a landscape gardener round will increase the square
footage of your living area. This is a huge plus for home buyers. Any way in which you can increase
the square footage of living areas should definitely be considered as this will increase your property
value in 2020. Fire pits, outdoor BBQs, small deck with table and chairs or a patio / decked area all
make the perfect additional living space that home buyers crave.

Increasing your property value in 2020 has a lot to do with knowing what a modern day home buyer is
looking for. You need that key knowledge and experience. This is something that the team here at
Revamp can offer you.

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