Things to Consider Before Extending Your Home

We spend a lot more time in our homes over the winter months. Not only do we have time off work,
but as it is cold and wet outside, it always feels nicer to cuddle up inside. However, as we are
spending more time in the home and having visits from family over Christmas, the home can quickly
feel very small. A home that once fitted you all now makes you feel like you are living on top of each

At times like this you may be considering extending your home. Extending your home in
Peterborough is always easier than moving house. Plus, you love your home, the area you live, your
neighbours and the local community. It takes time to feel settled so extending your home will leave
you loving your normal home more than ever before.

However there are things you need to consider before extending your home:

Take the time to look at your home and your outdoor space available. For example if you have large
garden you can extend the house out the back. Perhaps you have wasted space to the side of your
home or a huge parking area out the front that is needed? These spaces can all be put to better use
by extending your inside living space.

Think about the indoor spaces you want bigger and how you envision them. Perhaps you would like
your kitchen extended to create a bright and airy kitchen / diner? Would an extra bedroom, a play
room or even an en suite on your bedroom be a way to expand your living space?

You will need to speak to your local authorities about planning permission too. You may want to
speak to a planning consultant who will help you with this process. It is important that you have your
plans ready for the council and be aware that you may have to wait 12 weeks for approval. While
neighbours can object, this may not affect your final decision.

Contact the experts. Give our team a call. We can visit your home, look at the extension you have in
mind and make any recommendations. Our team will then start work at a time that is good for you.
We will complete the project on time and within budget – all to an extremely high standard.

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