Top Tips For Creating A Successful House Extension

The Revamp team are experienced with completing extensions for homes and businesses across Peterborough and surrounding areas. Our team of experienced trades people have all the skills that are needed for a successful house extension. However, there are some other things that need to happen to ensure that you create a successful house extension and these are as follows;

You need to make sure your extension plans are approved. Each local council is different so
just because your friends’ extension was approved, it doesn’t mean yours will be approved.
We would highly recommend that you speak to our team when planning your extension. We
can go that extra mile and push the boundaries to create a fantastic extension that will be
council approved.

It is a good idea to talk to your neighbours about your extension. It can be your neighbours
that will make or break your planning permission as they can object to your proposal. By
chatting with your neighbours in advance about what you plan to do and why it doesn’t
affect them you’ll have them on your side from the beginning. Helping them understand
your reasons will help avoid limitations or objections from neighbours too.

While it may sound really obvious, you need to set yourself a budget. It is a really common
mistake to overspend on the smaller things which can result in the project going over
budget. When the plans have been drawn speak to your designers and builders for a rough
cost so you know what to expect as the total cost of the project. They will help you
understand potential additional fees too. Things like local authority fees, Government VAT
and consultant fees.

It’s important to think about what you want to use your extension for. Start with the basics
such as what the room will be now. For example will it be an extra room, or an extension to
an existing room. If you decide it will be a play room, what will it be when the kids grow up?
By deciding what you want the space for and how you want the space laid out you’ll be able
to create and dream of the perfect extension for you, your home and your family.

To get the most from the company that are designing and building your extension you need to be
open and honest with them. You need to explain exactly what you want the space for and why. If
you say you want more space, they can create a spacious area. However if it is more storage space
you need then they can create clever storage ideas for you. You also need to open and honest about
your budget so they know what to work to and what they are working with.

Call our friendly and experienced tea, now to chat about your extension. We can make your dreams a reality.

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