Three Home Improvements To Complete By Christmas

The sunny weather is coming to an end, the kids are returning back to school and the shelves in shops are filling up with Christmas products. While the festive period should be all about peace, love, joy and family time, that is often not the case. 

Christmas means relatives staying over. It means trying to cook a Christmas dinner to feed the thousands, in a kitchen big enough to make 10 sandwiches and some cakes. It means Nanny and Grandad sleeping in your room, you in the kids room, your Aunt and Uncle in the dining room and the kids in the lounge. Christmas means everyone cramming round the table to eat dinner, with some of the family sat in the next room, because you can’t all fit in the dining room.

But is that what Christmas has to mean?

We have put together a list of three home improvements that we recommend you get completed by Christmas. These three home improvements are as follows;

A Kitchen Refurbishment or Extension

If you have always dreamed of having a larger or more spacious kitchen now is the time. By having your kitchen refurbished, renovated or extended by Christmas you will be able to see the real benefits. We can visit you at your home and look at your kitchen. We can make kitchen refurbishment recommendations to make your kitchen feel more spacious and talk about different storage or layout options for example. Alternatively we can look and see if a kitchen extension would be possible for your home to really give you that much needed space.

A Bathroom Refit

You may feel that your bathroom is getting a bit passed its best. Perhaps the avocado green colour of your bathroom was something you were going to change when you bought your home, but months or years later, it still hasn’t been touched. Why not give yourself a treat this Christmas? When you have guests staying over they will all be using the bathroom in your home. It is only normal that you want it looking its best for Auntie Jean and her magnifying glass! Have a chat with our team about a bathroom refit and how we can finally give you the bathroom of your dreams. We could also look at installing an en-suite in your guest room too? That dodgy shower could be a thing of the past too. We can ensure that you will have an amazing shower on those colder mornings!

A Garage Conversion

It’s at this time of the year when we start putting the outdoor table in the garage along with the BBQ, the paddling pool, suitcases and more in the garage. As you’re piling all your junk in the garage you start to realise two things. Firstly how much stuff is in your garage that you don’t use or need. Secondly, just how much space is available in your garage. Why not take your thoughts to the next step. What else could this wasted space be used for? You could have your garage converted into a guest bedroom or even extra living space or a dining room. 


If you would like to complete these home improvements by Christmas then call us now. We want to give you your dream Christmas that is full of peace, love, joy and family time. Call us now to make sure we can give you the extra space you desire in time.


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