The Best Garage Conversions To Add Value

For many home owners our garage is where we store bits and bobs. Things like old school books, magazines that were of interest, bikes, lawnmowers, old toys that are half broken, garden furniture and unused fitness equipment. Before you know it your garage is a dumping ground, and even if you did want to use the fitness equipment you wouldn’t be able to get to it anymore anyway.

Are you really making the most of this extra space within your home? Would you even class your garage as part of your home, or just the place where things are left?

Garage conversions can be a really efficient way to maximise the space you have, and while doing that a garage conversion will increase the value of your property too.

Now remember, you can convert your garage to a new and complete room, or you can section off part of your garage for storage, but make the most of the rest of the space?

But what could this new space be? What could you use this new space for when you have had your garage converted?

You could have an extra lounge for relaxing or entertaining?

The garage conversion could become an extra bedroom, you could even have an en-suite if the space allows!

How about a children’s playroom so all their toys are kept in one place, instead of throughout the house?

Many modern houses have smaller kitchens, so why not extend your kitchen by having a garage conversion? You could get the kitchen / diner area that you have always dreamed of.

Those are the more common options for garage conversions, but there are other things you can do that will work really well if your garage is a separate building from your house. For example you could have a home gym in your garage, an office so you can work from home or have somewhere for the kids to study in quiet. Alternatively your garage conversion could create a cinema room for you!

However, before you get over excited about what your garage could become, you need to check that you can convert your garage. If you would like to give us a call we can discuss your garage conversion options with you. We can also tell you what you need to do about planning permission, building regulations, match features, restrictive clauses, the external appearance of your garage and more.

When you use Revamp for your garage conversion you’re in safe hands. Call us now to see what we can do for you.


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