Landscaping A Low Maintenance Garden For Your Home

We are all working longer hours and we all want to spend more quality time with our families and friends. For many of us, this means spending less time working on the garden, but instead spending more time enjoying the garden.

But how is this possible if the garden isn’t looking its best?

We have put together just some of the many ways we can landscape a low maintenance garden, so you can spend less time working on it, and more time enjoying it.

Create Outdoor Living Spaces

More outdoor space in the warmer weather means more chances that you’ll have to entertain guests, friends and family. Outdoor living spaces tend to lend themselves to low-maintenance garden landscaping because in many cases you are just extended your home. An outdoor living space will often be on decking or a patio floor, which will be less grass to be cared for, so once again – less maintenance!

Building That Strong Foundation

We would recommend that you look at establishing a solid base for stone surfaces, as this will help to avoid fix ups at a later date. For example, if you are having a stone patio in your back garden or a long stone pathway through your garden then we recommend a six to eight inch layer of compacted stones. These compact stones will prevent weeds from coming through and they will keep your patio or path level too.

Mulch Beds Are Your Friend

Around your garden it can be a great idea to add beds of mulch instead of beds of grass. Many of our clients strongly believe that mulch beds are their best investment in the garden. This is because it breaks down to feed plants and prevents weeds too. Mulch is relatively inexpensive, but extra low maintenance. It won’t need to be mowed, watered or weeded; all you need to do is replace it each spring. One added benefit of mulch is the pleasant aroma it will give your garden.

Install Artificial Grass

If you love grass and can’t bear to lose that greenery in your garden. Or perhaps you have pets, kids or grand children that love to play on the grass? Why not consider artificial grass for your garden? It needs zero upkeep with no watering, mowing or grass seed required. It’s also kid proof and pet proof so you won’t need to deal with any dug up areas in your garden from boisterous play.

If you are considering calling in garden landscapers to make your garden more low maintenance they why not call us now? We have lots of great garden landscaping ideas to share with you.


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